New Age is fast becoming a leading provider of professional services to public and private entities. Our highly skilled workforce and our commitment to quality performance enable us to deliver innovative, cost-effective and results-oriented services to a range of markets - from government to corporate America.

Intelligence & Analytical Services

Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

From analyzing terrorist behavior to compiling cyber analytics, our
intelligence specialists and analysts convert data into actionable information that enables decision-makers to forecast, forewarn, and make informed decisions.

Management Solutions

Enhancing Processes and Procedures

Achieving program goals takes more than oversight and coordination. At New Age, our program managers have mastered critical management skills to help you build an effective strategy, ensure proper planning, deliver cost effectiveness and orchestrate a flawless execution of your program.

Human Capital Management

Building Effective Teams

Like all government agencies, your people are your greatest asset. Our human resource specialists understand the importance of maintaining a competent and quality workforce and, thus, employ practices that help you carryout your mission through workforce acquisition, management and optimization.

Security Services

Assessing, Mitigating & Confronting Threats

At New Age, we understand the requirements of establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment. Our security personnel are knowledgeable and experienced in all security disciplines and will assist you in developing and implementing a security plan that assesses and mitigates threats.


Enhancing Operations

New Age has mastered the science of planning, supplying, and managing the operations of facilities-large and small. Our logistics specialists provide the oversight and support you need to manage your critical logistics requirements, from the deployment of personnel to the mobilization of equipment and supplies.


Preparing a New Age of Security Professionals

The New Age Protection Training Academy provides comprehensive in-service and recertification training for security professionals looking to develop and maintain the skills needed to identify, confront, and suppress security threats before they occur.

Administrative Services

Optimizing Support Functions

Our administrative specialists are among the best in their field. We pride ourselves on maintaining a team of high caliber and highly skilled professionals dedicated to optimizing office operations, increasing productivity, and managing office procedures.