Behavioral Analysis

What Lurks in the Mind of a Criminal

Understanding the psychology of criminals is critical to tracking and apprehending fugitives. Consequently, capturing criminals require more than sophisticated tactical operations.  It also requires understanding what lurks in the mind of a criminal, knowing what incentivizes individuals to commit crimes, and being able to identify, assess and analyze criminal behavioral patterns. At New Age, our Behavioral Research Specialists leverage their expertise to help, the U.S. Marshall Service, America’s oldest federal law enforcement agency, analyze the behaviors and psychology of the nation’s most dangerous criminals.

On average, the Marshall Service arrests some 242 fugitives every day. The work performed by New Age’s Behavioral and Intelligence Research Specialists provides the support needed to make these arrests and, as such help keep America’s streets safe. In doing so, they conduct behavioral, empirical and scientific studies, analyze criminal behavior, investigate criminal incidents, and assess potential threats.

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