Security Services

Assessing, Mitigating & Confronting Threats

At New Age, we understand the requirements of establishing and maintaining a safe and secure environment. Our security personnel are knowledgeable and experienced in all security disciplines, and will assists government and commercial entities in developing and implementing security plans that assess, deter, and mitigates threats.

In doing so, we provide customized security and protection solutions to help our clients safeguard human and physical assets as well as mission critical data.

Our security expertise includes:

Physical Security

Our security personnel are highly trained, certified and registered professionals. They are prepared to meet your armed and unarmed security needs, and are experienced in monitoring and protecting government, commercial, and educational facilities.

Operations Security

From augmenting security administration teams to carrying out comprehensive security procedures, our Operations Security professionals are equipped with the expertise, knowledge and security clearances you need to ensure a preventive, comprehensive, and stringent approach is employed in implementing your security plan.

Industrial Security Support

New Age performs all facets of Industrial Security services. We leverage the experience and expertise of our professionals to provide team leadership on a range of security related tasks and to tailor solutions to meet each client’s needs.

New Age has been instrumental in the development, implementation and management of security programs at various classified levels throughout the intelligence community. Our staff possess extensive expertise, theoretical knowledge, and analytical abilities to synergize and apply personnel, physical, Information Technology/Information Assurance (IT/IA), and information security principles to classified or special access programs.

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