Department of Homeland Security

Providing Scientific, Engineering, and Technical Assistance

New Age Protection has supported the Department of Homeland Security by providing administrative and security administration support. In doing so, our security administration specialists performed research duties and has helped the agency resolve technical, programmatic, and budget issues. In addition, our security administration personnel oversaw the following functions:

  • Maintained control and accountability of classified and sensitive materials;
  • Prepared business and special correspondence;
  • Maintained databases, and
  • Perform general office management functions.

In addition our Administrative Specialist performed general administrative duties, including:

  • Prepared travel arrangements and vouchers via the government system;
  • Kept minutes of agency meetings;
  • Maintained time and attendance records;
  • Assisted in the preparation Personnel Action Requests (PARs); and
  • Maintained agency files and coordinated meetings, conferences, and seminars.