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Making New Age More Accessible to Government

GSA Schedule 84 - Total Security Solutions

Making New Age More Accessible to Government

GSA Schedule 84 streamlines the procurement process for government buyers seeking security services. Using this schedule, government buyers procure a range of New Age services, including security services, analytical and intelligence services, physical security service, program management and administrative support. In addition to federal buyers, GSA Schedule 84 is accessible to state and local governments.  New Age provides support services to the following agencies via our GSA Schedule 84.

United States Department of Agriculture

Food and Nutrition Services – Security Specialist

New Age helps ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of USDA Food and Nutrition Services total security program as it pertains to protecting its information, personnel, equipment, materials and facilities.  Our personnel provide a full range of security support services to the organization including administrative, program management, and analyst duties.

Department of Justice

United States Marshal Service

Physical Security Project Manager; Physical Security Specialist; Intelligence Analyst; Intelligence Research Specialist; Subject Matter Experts; Behavioral Research Specialist and Senior Intelligence Liaison Officer (SILO)/Security Specialist III

New Age team supports the United States Marshals Service (USMS) by assisting with the protection of federal judiciary and the judiciary family.  The New Age team assists with carrying out judicial security operational support services requirements for the USMS Office of Security Contracts, Judicial Security Division, research, and analytical roles. In doing so, we perform various security and professionals services functions.

Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Information Assurance Officer; Senior Security Specialist, Physical Security Specialist and Access Control Specialists

In providing program management, industrial security and information systems management support to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New Age personnel perform critical mission related functions for the Operational Technology Division (OTD) and the Laboratory Division (LD).