Seaport-e Capabilities


New Age is an approved prime contractor for SeaPort-e, the United States Navy's electronic platform for acquiring professional and support services. Through SeaPort-e, the Navy procures services in 22 functional areas, including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management.

New Age maintains a diverse and distinctly structured SeaPort-e team designed to support the Navy's unique requirements. As such, we leverage our team's expertise, experience and past performance to provide results-oriented solutions in the following areas:

Because the New Age SeaPort-e Team is experienced in supporting the War Fighter, it is highly suited for servicing the U.S. Navy. We possess the appropriate credentials and clearances to work alongside service men and women in military environments, even in secure environments. In fact, over 95 percent of New Age employees have a Secret or Top Secret security clearance, and over 85 percent have compartmented security credentials.

To deliver desired results, our SeaPort-e Program Manager will assess the Navy's staffing needs to provide professional, security, logistical, and management solutions that enable the military agency to carry out its mission critical requirements efficiently and cost efficiently.