Seaport-e Capabilities

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan allows the management structure the latitude to have direct access to the government decision makers and monitor customer satisfaction and provide cost effective, technical expertise and viable recommendations to maintain or enhance the performance quality of assigned personnel. Our QCP consists of the following procedures in place to ensure that we monitor and sustain our performance in this area.

We ensure:
  • Effective communication with Seaport-e keyed to anticipation and identification of requirements;
  • Incorporation of Seaport-e requirements for staff recruiting processes;
  • Management processes that assure high priority attention by appropriate levels of our management;
  • Quality control processes that assure regular management review of task relative to milestones, deliverables, budgets, conformance 
to specifications and established standards, and user satisfaction with immediate and final product; and
  • Ensure programmatic efficiency and economy while maintaining technical quality throughout the program and proven management systems.

Having the right people at the right time is the linchpin for successful contract performance. As such, our quality control plan includes several levels of accountability and is proven and tested for similar type contracts. It focuses on project control processes that are critical to the success of Seaport-e programs. Our dedication to quality improves operational efficiency, and enables our clients to realize cost savings that can be invested into meeting additional work requirements or be reallocated in critical areas to achieve the agency’s mission.