Securing Corporate America's People and Property

Keeping your personnel, customers and commercial property safe becomes more challenging each day. Although each criminal act poses a different threat, having a highly visible security presence serves as an effective deterrent to many types of crime.

For our commercial clients, New Age tailors security solutions to meet their unique needs based on the specifics of their business operations. As such, we provide tailored security services to financial institutions, retail outlets, hotels, professional buildings, healthcare facilities, private residential communities, construction sites and more.

In supporting the security needs of our commercial clients, we provide the following services:

  • Security Officers (Armed & Unarmed)
  • Security Administration Support
  • Access Control Specialists
  • Security Escorts
  • Special Events Security Planning
  • Patrol and Mobile Services
  • Residential Security Officers (Private Communities)

New Age is Your Resource for Security and Emergency Planning

New Age works closely with commercial entities to assist with the development and implementation of security plans designed to identify, confront and thwart potential threats. In doing so, our security experts collaborates with corporate officers to develop and implement:

  • Corporate Security Plans
  • Active Shooter Security Protocols
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Fire & Safety Evacuation Drills
  • Weather Disaster Drills (i.e. tornados, hurricanes, etc)

Contact us to learn more on how New Age helps keep Corporate America safe.