Higher Learning Institutions

Keeping Academia Safe

New Age helps keep colleges and universities safe by providing armed security guard services for campus grounds and special events. In addition, New Age partners with the security forces on college and university campuses to provide ancillary security services aimed at keeping students, faculty and university personnel safe and secure.

Security Guard/Officer Services

New Age provides seasoned and certified armed and unarmed security guard officers to help secure college campuses. In so doing, we provide experienced security officers who help promote a secure campus by providing a highly visible security presence throughout campus grounds and in educational buildings.

Specifically, our security officers are trained to:

  • Police and secure college grounds and educational facilities;
  • Identify and thwart potential threats;
  • Perform foot and mobile patrols;
  • Respond to active shooter incidents; and
  • Respond to student and staff security emergencies.

Campus Security Plans & Protocols

New Age collaborates with college officials to develop and implement security protocols that identify, confront and thwart potential threats. In doing so, our security experts collaborates with university officials to develop and execute:

  • Campus Security Plans
  • Active Shooter Security Protocols
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Drills
  • Weather Disaster Drills (Tornado, Hurricane, etc)

Security Guard Training

Given the increased potential for security threats on college campuses, college officials have become more vigilant when it comes to security preparedness. To help keep college campus safe, New Age provides customized training to college security forces.

Our campus security officer training offerings include:

  • Security Officer Training
  • Firearms Training
  • Active Shooter Training
  • First Aid Training

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