The veteran-owned company to manage security access control program

Springfield, Va., Sept. 14, 2017--Today, New Age Protection, Inc. announced that the professional and security services company has been awarded a four-year contract to provide access control management support services to the Defense Intelligence Agency. The $23.5 million award was made earlier this month.

“We are proud to support the mission and the critical work of the Defense Intelligence Agency,” said Ronnie Wright, president of New Age Protection. “New Age has a proven track record for helping government agencies remain safe and secure by providing security administration and physical security support.”

Under this contract, New Age will provide Access Control Specialists who will ensure compliance with DIA access policies and procedures as well as oversee facilities and security management and security systems monitoring. New Age will also provide customer service support to DIA personnel, conduct random inspections throughout DIA facilities, and oversee access to visitor centers.

The DIA is the Pentagon’s top intelligence agency.  As such, the Agency provides military intelligence to war fighters, defense policymakers and force planners at the Department of Defense and in the Intelligence Community, in support of U.S. military planning, operations and weapon systems acquisition. In so doing, the DIA plans, manages, and executes intelligence operations during peacetime, crisis, and war.

“We have an extensive history in supporting intelligence and military agencies,” Wright added. “This award builds on New Age’s portfolio of service to the intelligence community and allows us to leverage our expertise in a way that ensures safety and security to one of the nation’s most important agencies.

Awarded through the Virginia Contracting Activity, the contract became effective today for work that will be performed at multiple locations within the National Capital Region, including Charlottesville, Va. and Frederick, Md.

About New Age Protection, Inc.

New Age Protection, Inc. is a leading provider of professional, management and security services to the public sector, Corporate America and academia. As a government service provider, the company has leveraged its extensive knowledge of public, private, and military organizations to address mission critical needs of intelligence, defense, and civilian government agencies.

Established in 2003, the veteran-owned company has distinguished itself as a leader in the security field—both as a provider of professional and security services, and as a provider of cutting-edge security training. Through its accredited security training facility, the New Age Protection Training Academy, New Age prepares, certifies, and re-certifies security professionals and first responders, including security officers, investigators, and first aid specialists.

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